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Ellie Honl with Pentax 67ii film camera

I am an artist originally from Wisconsin who has found her way to beautiful Morgan Hill, California after periods living in Arizona and Indiana. I've always been a very visual person who observes and notices the details that surround me. As a child I had a need to use my hands and create. I sewed dresses on my little brother, taught myself calligraphy, and I carried a sketchbook with me wherever I went. I've never lost this child-like sense of wonder and discovery which is one of the greatest gifts I have as a photographer. 

I pursued art in college and graduate school where I learned film photography on the same 35mm camera and lenses my dad purchased when I was born. I was drawn to portraiture and loved the magic of watching photographs develop in the darkroom. After graduate school, I taught art at universities and art centers across the country. When I started spending more time trying to motivate my students to do art than actually getting to teach them, I knew I was ready to embark on my own adventure.

I love serving the world by making people feel comfortable, beautiful, and capturing what I see and experience. I am known for my smile, making the most out of things, and always keeping a bottle of champagne in the fridge. When I'm not busy working on photography, you can catch me tending to my flower garden, hiking and camping with my husband, or screenprinting in my printmaking studio.

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