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Las Vegas surprise proposal

This was such an unbelievable photoshoot to be a part of in Las Vegas this past September. I got to document the marriage proposal between my sister-in-law, Alisha, and her boyfriend, Mishael. I married into a wonderful family and my new siblings have always been incredibly supportive. So earlier that month, when I asked Alisha and Mishael if they would be my models for a photoshoot, they immediately agreed and set to work finding the perfect location. The next afternoon, Mishael called me with the idea of using this photoshoot as an occasion to propose to Alisha. I could not have been more excited because the two of them are perfect for each other and we all love Mishael’s eight-year-old son, Mathias. The timing was also exceptional because all of her siblings were convening in Las Vegas and Mishael knew it would be important for Alisha to celebrate with her family. How sweet is that?!

Between top-secret group text messages, Mishael planned the surprise proposal in two weeks. Although it was tough for him, he did a good job cleverly throwing Alisha off the scent a couple times such as feigning disinterest in the location of the photoshoot. When we all arrived in Vegas, her sister, Laura, helped with wardrobe and together we made flower crowns and bouquets for the photoshoot with Mishael’s special request of red roses. The eight of us crawled out of bed at 4:30 AM Sunday morning so that we could drive to beautiful Red Rock Canyon Park in time for the sunrise. In addition to all the photography equipment, flowers, and wardrobe changes, Mishael snuck some champagne into the trunk of the car and hid the gorgeous ring in his sock!

Everyone was in on the secret except Alisha. After getting things set up and all the camera settings right, I started snapping photos of Alisha and Mishael in front of the incredible Southwest landscape. This park is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Once I started getting in the groove, I had Alisha and Mishael stand a couple steps apart with their backs to each other looking straight ahead. This was the clue that Mishael and I had agreed upon and I gave him the thumbs up. When I instructed them to turn back around, he had already dropped to one knee and had the ring ready. There was not a dry eye when she said yes! Job well done, Mishael, and congratulations to the both of you!

After the proposal, Mishael popped open the bottle of champagne. What American celebration wouldn't be complete without solo cups!

I just love how the bouquet of red roses, dahlias, sunflowers, and eucalyptus complement the hues of the canyon. Good job on the red roses, Mishael! Also, what an adorable family!

To see more photos of Alisha and Mishael's engagement, follow this link

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