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Announcing the Winners of our Wedding Photography Giveaway...

congratulations wedding photography winners

It was so much fun for us to offer our First Wedding Photography Giveaway - in fact, we plan to do it every year! To keep up with all the latest announcements, subscribe to our blog (at the bottom of the main blog page) and be the first to hear about next year's giveaway! Thank you to all the amazing couples who entered and who shared their stories with us. You all made it really hard to choose just one winning we chose a runner-up couple too!

The Runners-up are Brandi McClellan and Patrick Leahy! Congratulations to you on winning a $1400 voucher off our 8 hour wedding day collection! Your long distance love is truly inspiring!

The Winners of our Wedding Photography Giveaway are...(drum roll please)...

Tricia Read and Thomas Vivian! They win a full day of wedding photography! Congratulations!!!

Wedding Photography Giveaway winners

We were moved by Tricia and Thomas' touching story of how their love has blossomed through difficult times. Tricia wrote about Thomas, "He was my shoulder to cry on, my biggest encouragement, and the one that rallied friends and family to pray for me when I needed it." Tricia and Thomas went to the same high school, but they didn't start dating until several years later when they reconnected at a church function. They recently celebrated seven years together and they are so excited to be getting married this August at a summer camp in Southern California. Their mutual love of the outdoors (they hike together every weekend!) and their laid back style are the inspiration for their rustic and intimate wedding weekend with their closest friends and family. We are so honored (and thrilled) to be able to document their special day!

(This is Tricia's favorite photo of the two of them. It was taken by her

grandma and she says it perfectly captures their love for each other.)


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