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Glamour Portraits with Tabitha | San Jose

For the past couple of months I've been able to concentrate full-time on photography which has been such a blast! This photoshoot with Tabitha marks the first time I was able to put all my equipment and what I've been learning into practice. Plus, it was my first time working with a model and hair and makeup artist. I was super excited and utterly terrified at the same time! Danielle from Beauty Done the Wright Way and Tabitha my model were absolutely fantastic to work with, which helped put me at ease. Danielle and I had been in contact and she had offered some great ideas that she thought would work well on Tabitha. Once Tabitha and I narrowed down the wardrobe, Danielle went to work on her hair and makeup. I was so happy with her fresh take on a glamor look that was a little avant-garde.

Tabitha was such a positive, fun, and beautiful model to work with. We spent about an hour in my studio where I was able to use some different lighting setups. I loved that she was down to try new things with me such as incorporating draped fabric and movement. I'm so glad I was finally able to use the 3 yards of red Thai silk that I brought back with me from Asia over a decade ago! From her years as a dancer and being active in sports, she had a gift with posing her body and also took direction well. It was tough to pull away from the studio since we were having so much fun, but I also wanted to photograph Tabitha outside at Martial Cottle Park. Unfortunately it was sprinkling outside, but Tabitha was enthusiastic so we went for it! Needless to say, I am so glad we did. We miraculously got a sunset when the clouds cleared for about twenty minutes. Sunset is one of the most beautiful times to take photos, but it can also be one of the most challenging because the light changes so quickly. By changing the direction we were facing and incorporating flash, we were able to capture many different looks in a short amount of time.

Thank you so much Danielle and Tabitha! Also, I need to make a big shout out to my husband Michael who held umbrellas for us, hauled equipment, and was my technical guru!

I'm really liking the soft look that we achieved with feathered light from my studio strobes.

Tabitha was a total trooper with the rain and chilly weather! Must be because she's from Colorado! Martial Cottle park has several huge, oak trees that I like to use as props, and the open fields provide an extra long sunset. I love how the light was reflecting off the wet sidewalk to bring that peach-pink through the image!



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